Relationship. Development. Empowerment.




We hope for a Merced in which all residents experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love.



  1. Relationship - In our work, everything hinges on relationship. In order to see transformation of any kind occur, healthy relationships are the pivot point. At Restore Merced, we focus on four primary relationships that we believe are essential to the health of all human beings - relationship with God, ourselves, others, and work.
  2. Development - There are many needs in the downtown Merced community — safety, good and affordable housing, and job opportunities — to name a few. While every individual has basic needs of nutrition, housing, and clothing, we believe that the longterm goal for each human being should be self-sufficient flourishing. Our programs focus on meeting the needs of downtown Merced by organizing and strengthening the existing skills and gifts of community members. Together, we believe this Assets-Based Development work leads to a healthy community where individuals thrive.
  3. Empowerment - Each human being has inherent dignity and worth. This means that every person has been created with a purpose and the capacity to make a positive impact on their community. Our aim is to run the programs of Restore Merced with new and existing leaders in the downtown Merced neighborhood, seeking to inspire all to contribute their unique skills and gifts to the community. 

"You don't give people dignity. You affirm it."

John Perkins |Founder, CCDA